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Glasgow University

The University of Glasgow acquired ownership of a substantial amount of physical materials (the copyright being retained by the RD Laing Estate) of R.D. Laing after his death in 1989 from The R.D.Laing Estate. 


Details of this Special Collection which has been painstakingly catalogued for over 30 years can be found at:


John Haynes is an extremely talented and well-known photographer who captured many iconic images of R.D. Laing in the early 1970s including the four portraits featured on this website (two in the tree on Hampstead Heath; RD in the chair and the one where RD is writing). His website is at:


The late Dame Hilary Mantel (interview with the Guardian newspaper explaining inlfuence of Sanity, Madness and the Family to her writing career):


Anthony Stadlen who has been hosting seminars on an extraordinarily wide range of existential subjects for many years - including in-depths seminars on the families featured in 'Sanity, Madness and the Family' - has an informative website at:


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