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If any part of a work or speech of RD Laing is intended to be used or adapted for any form of written work, play, film, radio or television programe or for foreign rights or translation, please refer to Contact Us page


When is a licence required?

A licence is required when extracts from the works of RD Laing are intended to be printed or reproduced in a manner that is more than incidental.


When do I need permission from the R D Laing Estate?

Permission to use words or quotes from RD laing should always be sought, even as a matter of good practice and courtesy. The source of the quote should be stated.


Passages from Adrian Laing's biography or adaptations of any kind from that work require the consent and approval of Adrian Laing.


Four photographs featured on this website (the facing portrait of RD Laing in a chair, the one with RD writing and the two of RD in the tree on Hampstead Heath) are the copyright material of John Haynes (see Recommended links page)


What sort of queries are dealt with?

Adrian and Karen Laing have been dealing with all types of queries since RD Laing died in 1989; queries may concern the availability of specific works, articles or speeches, or questions may relate to the source of research material.


Specifically, for TRANSLATION RIGHTS in any of the works of R.D. Laing, please in the first instance request rights' status from Adrian Laing: adrian.laing@rdlaingofficial.com


All licences are issued for a limited, licenced period.


Please do check if rights are available now or in the near future.



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